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How to Change Your Career:

Have Realistic Expectations
  1. You already have skills to help you evaluate - use them.

  3. Determine how the security you have can be used to help you achieve more of your dream career - which still needs to be based on your abilities.

  5. When the economy isn't strong, you may have to search and may take a while to get what you want.

  7. Be aware of economic cycles, including what's next: plan your offers and your negotiations accordingly. Encourage employers to look ahead to the next cycle and be ready for it.

  9. There is a lot of competition. To succeed you'll need to really take ownership of your career as well as evaluate what you have to offer and what's needed in the marketplace. Find a great match where your unique talents and abilities match what your ideal employer is looking for.

  11. When looking for what employers want, look deeper than usual -- this can give you a more realistic viewpoint while helping you recognize or create opportunities that others neglect.

  13. Build on who you are and what you've done. Build also on your dreams and your ideal future. A great employer wants you to look forward to a future that you want and that you help create; they want you to be forward-looking as well as realistic. Don't be dull.

  15. Watch for trends; research them - utilize trends in your search. Don't fight history, the present, or an emerging future.

  17. Get objective feedback about yourself with assessments and a good mentor.

  19. Get objective feedback about opportunities that are emerging with good research and a good mentor.
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